Bidya Sinha Saha Mim

Bidya Sinha Saha Mim (Born 10 November 1988) is a renowned Television & Film Actress and Model of Bangladesh. She first came into everyone’s attention after winning the biggest beauty pageant of the nation Lux Channel i Superstar 2007. As a winner of the Crown of Lux Channel i Superstar, she got the chance of acting in the film Aamar Achey Jol under Impress Telefilm Limited Production. The film was directed by the famous Writer & Film-maker Humayun Ahmed and it was quite successful at the box-office. Mim sees herself as a successful actress and model in Bangladesh media in future.

Early life and background

Her father Birendra Nath Saha is the head of the Social Welfare Department in Comilla Victoria College and her mother is a housewife.

Mim studied Science for the classes IX & X and passed her S.S.C from Comilla board securing GPA 5.Then, she completed her H.S.C as a student Humanities group with an excellent result from Comilla Victoria College. Recently, she has admitted herself in the Bengali Department of Southeast University for BA in Bangla(Hons) Course.

Film career

Mim came to appear on the silver screen with her brilliant performance in Aamar Achey Jol. Then, after a thoughtful pause, she acted as heroine in one of the mainstream movies. The film Amar Praner Priya mara gese was released 2009. In this movie Dhallywood hero of the moment Shakib Khan = king of bosti was her hero.

In the meantime, Mim kept herself busy working in some regular dramas and modeling. She has performed in about 30 dramas. These dramas, due to their spirit, are enough to give her an individual identity of her own as an actress. So her sincere concentration now is on drama which would make her one of the most popular actresses of small screen. At present, she is working in dramas & telefilms regularly. Many of her dramas & telefilms are made for festivals like Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Azha, Puja etc.

Even after the commercial success of the film “Amar Praner Priya“, she wasn’t being found in any new films in the last 2 years. Actually she was looking for good stories for the films. Mim has recently signed new films. “Jonakir Alo“, directed by Khalid Mahmud Mithu, is one of her upcoming movies. Shooting of this film is almost done. Dhallywood’s Uprising Star Emon is her hero in this film. Her another film to come is “Sera Sontan“, where she will work with Kolkata Star Jeet. The film’s schedule is not set up yet, as Jeet is very busy with his works in Kolkata.

Awards and achievements

Within last three years Mim’s achievement has been tremendous. The 16 years old she won the crown of Lux Channel I Super Star 2007 by way of which she has earned the leading role in a film based on one of Humayun Ahmed’s novels Amar Achey Jol. When she was in the Lux-Channel I Superstar competition, she did first acting performance before camera with Monir Khan Shimul, then Suborna Mustafa was so delighted that “Excellent! Outstanding performance! Now I don’t know whether you are going to win the title or not but I can definitely say one thing- One day you will be a great actress.” Mim wants to do some quality works in her arena of acting. Her ideals in this regard are Aishwarya Rai and Kajol Devgan of Bollywood, Suborna Mustafa and Aupee Karim of Bangladesh.

Meril Prothom Alo Award
2008 – Won: Best Actress for Amar Achey Jol[6] (CRITIC CHOICE)
2009 – Nominated: Best Actress for Amar Praner Priya

Bachsach Award
2008 – Won: Best Actress for Amar Achey Jol

Film Award Bangla (FAB 2010)
Also known as “Epar Bangla and Opar Bangla” film award
Won: Best Actress for Amar Praner Priya[7]

Binodon Bichitra Performance Award 2010
Best Model of the year for Titbet Lip Gel[8]

Sako Telefilm 2010 Award
Best Model





Aamar Achey Jol (2008)

Humayun Ahmed

Jahid Hasan
Ferdous Ahmed,

Debut film
Winner, Meril Prothom Alo Critics Award for Best Performance
Winner, Bachsach Award for Best Performance.

Amar Praner Priya (2009)

Jakir Hossain Raju

Shakib Khan

Nominated, Meril Prothom Alo Best Actress Award
Winner, Film Award Bangla (FAB 2010) for Best Actress.

Jonakir Alo(2012)

Khalid Mahmud Mithu

Emon, Kalyan


Notable dramas

  • Shesher Kobitar Porer Kobita (Directed by Mahfuj Ahmed)
  • Jodha Akbar (Directed by Dayel Rahman)
  • Neel Chhoya
  • Jhorer Raat Fuler Din
  • Poush Faguner Pala
  • Jadur Katthi
  • Valobasar Graan (Directed by Himel Asraf)
  • Cholona Bristetay veeeji (Directed by Saiful Islam Mannu)
  • A.B.C (Directed by Shekh Selem)
  • Tene Bujtay Parlen J Eta PreM Noy (Directed by Shekh Selem & Alom Asraf)
  • Vabona Gulo Onno Rokom
  • Bicycle
  • Sit Khali Nai
  • Man Power
  • Krishnapath
  • Soikate Manush
  • Anmona Agochore
  • Will You Marry Me (Directed by Parthe Sarker)
  • Lanch Bala
  • Nill Josnai Kalo Saap(Directed by Mohon Khan)
  • Roddurer Aakhankai

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